You will find our church to be filled with friendly, compassionate people who will extend a warm welcome. Although we are not perfect people, our lives and our journeys tell the incredible story of God's marvelous grace and goodness.


Each of our services begins with a time of worship, characterized by traditional and inspiring music. The purpose of our song service is to glorify God and prepare our hearts for the opening of God's Word. The preaching service focuses on straightforward, practical preaching in which the Bible is taught and Jesus Christ is emphasized. Plan to be thoroughly encouraged by the fellowship of many others seeking to know God better, just like you!


We have prepared for your visit. Our nurseries are clean and well-staffed, and our children's programs are well-organized and fun. The teen group is a thriving ministry, and the adult Bible fellowships have all been intentionally designed to help each of us grow spiritually and to strengthen our relationship with God.


We would love to have a chance to meet you and worship God together with you very soon! 

Monster Youth Rally

Our Monster Youth Rally was a great success this year! We had over 200 people come through the gate this year, many seeds of the gospel were planted, and 4 people came forward professing Christ! Praise the Lord for such an awesome turnout!

To see pictures and video from the event, visit the Monster rally page of our website by clicking here!

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